12" LARGE Tortilla Warmer Dia de los Muertos Dancing Couple

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  • One 12" Day of the Dead Dancing Couple TORTILLA WARMER made with durable BPA free materials for your health conscious home and kitchen! Feel safe using your warmer designed and owned by an American Company and Made in Mexico!
  • GUARANTEED to Keep Tortillas fresh and warm for over 1 hour! You can use it along with your tortilla press and griddle. Also excellent for camping cookware
  • Fit up to 12 fajita size Tortillas at a time.  Use for Corn, Flour, and any other kind of tortilla, pancake, pita, wrap, waffle, naan, toast, arepa, chapati, roti, paratha or flat bread you like are able to be used with your Fabric Tortilla Warmer
  • PERFECT DECORATION for Mexican Fiesta and Taco Tuesday! Your Tortilla Oven warmer has a thermal Layer insulating anything that you place Inside . Remember, Do not place in conventional Oven! Microwave Only.
  • DID YOU KNOW you can use our Tortilla Warmers to STEAM potatoes in the microwave by using the existing water in the potato. That's right! Go right ahead and give it a try!